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my niece Helena, which is usually 18 calls around our house once a week. Helen studied at the local university and most of the time, Karen brings with her ​​best friend, my wife's 18th also cooking dinner and generally relax in the evening before going to bustnow the city. a night at our favorite bar, Karen, while my wife heard two men talking in the bar, Elena 's best friend, she said the men were very clear and said she had something for older men and took his friend. This Karen suddenly in a different light and I Sterte dirty thoughts about her. Here bustnow I was 49, she wants me, I wondered? anyway this weekend, the girls came round, as usual, and began to pay more attention to Karen then I used to do. more delicate than usual karen told me I could pick up that night, as the taxi nt bustnow could. I jumped on chancei ready for the clock to 12 in the city he was very excited to meetWas this mean cahnce to see if Karen was ' for him ' to be When I got there Karen was out on his own looking very sexy in a short skirt and sexy boots with a long coat on top. Where is Helena? I asked with a guy, she responded immediately. S, and then I said no........ most of which are too small for me i prefer mature older men, they said, oh really, I said Yes, they know how to please a woman actually said kare, s, as well as many older men have been few, he said, and smiled. and took my cock began to grow. Karen began to notice my interest and began to mock me, I noticed that I looked, suddenly, he said, where, when I said oh, all the time so obvious that laughed Do a problem with the bustnow /? No, not really enjoy it when I go home whenever I have a tingling sensation, laughed tingling? yes my pussy tingle Oggle see me, she said quietly. should go somewhere to talk about it, I wondered? Do nt do you think you have bustnow to fuck to go somewhere, he said, laughing again. well shit we go somewhere, I said with authority, if I can not wait karen said. that bustnow I went to a deserted industrial est and Karen began to pull the tail, as we drove. When we got there he kissed me very hard and took her tits PERT, gasped and pulled my dick out of my jeans and went on me and my company sucked Hahn expert told me that he liked the old me loved every second of her mouth around my cock felt much better than my wife pruddish, while playing with my balls and licked the area between them on my penis and anus, her fingers playing with my butt hole to stop because I told him about cumming drew his haed and asked me to say I lick how much I was enjoying it. i did not need to ask me and was on her even before completing his sentence. pussy tasted so sweet and licked the juices of as suddenly ran out of his body shook as her orgasm hit her she moaned with pleasure, her orgasm only was dying, I threw down my big 9 inch cock slit her species had a strong cry and asked me to tough shit, I was surprised that she took my cock with such ease, but when I was pulling hard to mourn almost with joy on every shot began to push me into it. God that feels so damn good, he said, his penis is so hard and big wispered in my ear, when she and my butt hole, it really took me to the city became one of the best fuckings I You ever seen someone hit absoulutly my cock and balls soaked with bustnow her juices and asked bustnow me to go with her, which I duly ablogied said the following week at home the night of 5 times. and I had wanted to turn it reapet happy to come I have since pulled karen on nine occasions and some have even brought him in his ass hole. on the last occasion it was noted thatI would like to bring a friend with me,,,,,,,,, So I have a friend in the eye and will keep bustnow in touch devolments.
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